We Love Oman: Scenic waterfall, springs and lake of Wadi Darbat

Oman Monday 28/March/2022 21:55 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: Scenic waterfall, springs and lake of Wadi Darbat

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Dhofar governorate is Wadi Darbat. Among many other things that this scenic place has to offer, the two most popular are its — waterfall and springs. This wadi carves its way through hills and highlands until it reaches Khawr Ruri, where it empties into the Arabian Sea. The wadi is distinguished by its thick botanical cover, in addition to a natural spring and a number of caves. The wadi’s water is the source of the water filling Teeq Cave’s cells.

Camels, cattle, and other livestock graze the abundant grass on the banks, while birds nest in the wetland areas. Families from all around the region come to revel in the magic of the annual summer rains here.

Located in the northeast of Taqah state, the Darbat Valley is well connected to the historical area of Samharam. The wadi is located about 42km away from Salalah and is home to one of the most important water springs in Dhofar Governorate, in addition to a waterfall that has reappeared after a long time.

Darbat Lake at the heart of Wadi Darbat is a favourite picnic spot, with visitors taking short boat rides or barbecuing near its shores. A 30-metre waterfall feeds the lake during monsoon season.