Wednesday 01/February/2023 21:37 PM

What's buzzing in Hollywood?

James Gunn says 'The Flash' is "one of the greatest superhero movies ever"Ezra Miller, the star of 'The Flash,' seemed to be finished with the DC Universe...

Wednesday 01/February/2023 15:20 PM

Winter Souq at The Myriad

Our team brings you sneak peek at the ongoing Winter Souq Festival at The Myriad.

Tuesday 31/January/2023 23:49 PM

Study reveals impact of hyper-palatable foods

 Hyperpalatable foods are those that hit the 'sweet spot' in your mouth and immediately tell your brain to have more, even if you are full. Hyper means...

Sunday 29/January/2023 15:15 PM

Muscat Nights: A screen under the stars

Muscat: If you are a movie buff and you visit the movie theatres  frequently, here’s a golden chance for you to catch your favourite film, but this...