Will the Gulf Cup final happen tonight?

Sports Thursday 19/January/2023 15:25 PM
By: Times News Service
Will the Gulf Cup final happen tonight?
Consultations are going on between Iraqi government authorities.

Muscat – In the wake of the deadly stampede in the Iraqi city of Basra ahead of the final of the 25th Arabian Gulf Cup between hosts Iraq and Oman, there is a strong likelihood that the match could be postponed and moved to another venue.

Two Iraqi football fans were reported to have been killed and many injured in the morning on their way to the stadium. Thousands of home supporters had gathered since morning to make their way to the final that was to kick off at 8pm, Oman time.

High level discussions and consultations are going on between the Iraqi government authorities, officials of the Arabian Gulf Football Federation and there is a possibility that the match could be moved to a different venue and postponed.

A senior Oman Football Association official, on condition of anonymity, confirmed that they are unsure if the final will take place later tonight due to the chaos and fatalities that have taken place at the Basra International Stadium.