Kidsity and bp Oman conclude the third ‘Hope’ programme for students with disabilities

Roundup Wednesday 15/February/2023 09:24 AM
By: Times News Service
Kidsity and bp Oman conclude the third ‘Hope’ programme for students with disabilities

In partnership with bp Oman, Kidsity concluded the third cycle of the ‘Hope’ programme targeted students with disabilities from Al Amal School, Al Tarbyia Al Fikriya School, and Omar bin Al Khattab Institute for the Blind. The programme introduced them to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) topics, allowing them to explore various possible career paths.

The programme offered many educational workshops which allowed the students to experience different learning methods. It also focused on developing their soft skills and interpersonal skills such as brainstorming, teamwork, problem solving, creative-thinking and critical thinking. In addition, this programme provided two internship opportunities for new trainers to work as assistants during the workshops.

Ibrahim Al Hinai, bp Oman Social investment specialist, commented: “By supporting this programme we were able to support more than 32 children through 27 workshops in the year 2022. Allowing children to learn these disciplines and skills at a young age increases their knowledge of future optional career paths that they can take an interest in. We are happy to have this programme targeted for students with disabilities and delivering education in an interactive and inclusive manner.”

Saif Al Manji, Co-Founder of Kidsity, further added: “These workshops and projects encourage students to think outside the box and invent different solutions for new challenges. One of our goals at Kidsity is to continue delivering more of these types of programmes in Oman to increase the capabilities of the new generation, steering them into the fields of science and innovation.”