Indians most attractive in the world; Lebanese top Arab nations

World Monday 27/March/2023 11:18 AM
By: Times News Service
Indians most attractive in the world; Lebanese top Arab nations

Muscat: Indians are the most handsome and attractive in the world, and Lebanese are the first in the Arab world, according to a research conducted by a website in France.

According to the site's data, Indians are the most attractive people in the world, topping 50 most attractive nationalities according to artificial intelligence, followed by Americans, then Swedes, Japanese and Canadians.

In the Arab world, Lebanon ranked 25th, followed by Saudi Arabia, 43rd, and Egypt, 44th.

The search result was drawn according to the images that were published on a social network.

India's dominance can be linked to its world famous and hugely successful film scene, which has produced many stars who have achieved international acclaim.

Swedes are known for their simple sense of style and fashion, both of which can play a role in Sweden's ranking as the third most attractive country.

The site mentioned about the evaluation methodology, that it included all the pictures, topics, and blogs that were published on the social netwrok and contained phrases such as attractive, exciting, beautiful, handsome, wonderful, good-looking, pretty and attractive, and the country associated with that was analysed and then generated the result from the number of posts, comments and votes supporting, and the creation of artificial intelligence images using Midjourney.

The images, created with artificial intelligence, are characterised by chiseled jaws, skittish looks among men, while women appear to be with long hair and wide eyes.