Competition for startups at COMEX 2023 begins today

Business Monday 22/May/2023 16:11 PM
By: Times News Service
Competition for startups at COMEX 2023 begins today
Eng. Said Abdullah Al-Mandhari, CEO of ITHCA Group. (Supplied Image)

Muscat: The ITHCA competition for Startups at COMEX 2023 begins today, Monday, May 22, 2023, at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre (OCEC). This pitch battle will be open exclusively for startups participating in COMEX this year to support and motivate them to develop and enhance their work.

Eng. Said Abdullah Al-Mandhari, CEO of ITHCA Group said: “The Group is working to organise the pitch battle of ITHCA for startups, by which we are aiming to offer support to startup entrepreneurs and allow them to receive consultation and guidelines to develop their companies’ work by exhibiting it before the judging committee, and interaction with interested audiences and investors on the stage presenting companies’ offers. They are expected to promote their products and services for a wider scope.”

Al-Mandhari added: “COMEX gives visitors, business owners, and participants a chance to promote and advertise for their companies. Some companies may receive investment opportunities and make contracts and partnerships with investors in the same sector. All of this depends on how ready the owners and entrepreneurs are to make use of their participation in this show." He also confirmed that ITHCA Group and its affiliates are keen to be a part of this kind of technical show that serves the telecommunication and IT sector. The ITHCA Group is sponsoring COMEX visitors’ application this year, and is launching the investment competition for the participant startups.

All specialised startups may participate in COMEX in various technical fields such as gaming, online trading, online lifestyle, business, entertainment, health and fitness, education, travel, facilities, financial technology, biological technology, logistic technology, and many others. They can also participate in the competition to promote their companies, products, and services, which will help them to take their companies to the next level by getting notes and guidelines from the committee of judges, that suits their business and services.

The stage of request filtering will begin to choose 25 startups to introduce their companies, services, and activities to the committee. Later, 10 startups will be chosen for the finals. In the final ceremony, each company will make another presentation of its services and products for three minutes before the committee and audience. After this, the winner of the first three places will be announced in the final ceremony under the auspices of His Highness Sayyid Kamil Bin Fahad Al Said. 50% of the final results will depend on direct voting of the audience at the final ceremony.