Taliban officials seize artefacts found in Bamyan

World Thursday 01/June/2023 09:13 AM
Taliban officials seize artefacts found in Bamyan

Kabul : As illegal businesses remain popular in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule, the de-facto authorities have ordered to seize the artefacts found in Bamyan province, Khaama Press reported on Wednesday.

Although Taliban leaders constantly asserted that they had stopped exporting these priceless antiques, the profitable clandestine trade is still well-liked in Afghanistan and the surrounding area. At least 12 antique artefacts have been found by officials in Afghanistan's central Bamyan province, according to a statement from the provincial information and culture directorate, reported by Khaama Press.

Artefacts and dust from the vicinity of Bamyan's demolished Buddha statues were reportedly confiscated at the Bamyan Airport while searching for foreign nationals, the Afghan news agency added.

The artefacts and ancient items have been seized based on the orders of the Taliban-led Ministry of Information and Culture, Rahmatullah Rahmani, head of culture and art of Bamyan information and culture directorate, said.

Since the Taliban regained power in August 2021 after the US exit from the country, the citizens of Afghanistan continue to live miserable lives as basic law and order of the country.

According to the Taliban officials, of the objects found, 8 are antique artworks such as pottery, precious stones, and carved iron plates.