What we see in Gaza today is an organised terrorism by Israel and the USA

Opinion Sunday 05/November/2023 19:02 PM
By: Mohamed Alzadjali
What we see in Gaza today is an organised terrorism by Israel and the USA

Last year, when Russia invaded Ukraine, the West stood up and immediately took notice. They were fast with their condemnation of the actions of Russia, who they said was occupying lands that belonged to Ukraine. They rushed aid and then military supplies to Ukraine, and were vocal in their criticism of Russia as an invader.

And when it comes to the recent conflict between Israel and Palestine in the Gaza Strip, the same countries are supporting Israel, the invader, instead of the rightful owner of the land. To my mind, this is an example not only of hypocrisy and double standards, but of organised terrorism being committed by the occupation forces and the United States of America, with the support of Western countries.

Today, the Americans and Israelis have virtually stopped the United Nations from stepping in to condemn the attack on Gaza or to demand a ceasefire. They have formed a cartel of countries and are using this to impose their views and rules on the rest of the world. This is a facet of terrorism at its worst. If America, Israel and other countries term Hamas as terrorists, I believe, they are worse. They have managed to take lessons from the organised crime syndicates and are unleashing government-sponsored organised terrorism.

Let us look at America’s role in this war. The USA always says that it is looking out for the safety of its citizens, but I differ on this. America’s tacit support to Israel will backfire and create more problems for Americans. Do they think that when this war is over, everyone will forget about it? What about the thousands of people who have lost their loved ones? Many have lost their kin, a man or a woman, their son and daughter? Will they make peace? No, they may travel to America, or Israel and take bitter revenge. They have no more hope left in their lives because bombs have sniffed out everything dear to them. And retribution will be the only recipe they will seek for. To America, I will say this: “You are seeding ideas of revenge and retribution in people’s minds and this will come back to haunt you.”

If one looks at most attacks in the past, all the bombings, all the violence, they have not come from a vacuum. Addressing a special Security Council meeting on the Israel-Hamas war, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the deadly Hamas attack on southern Israel “did not happen in a vacuum.”

There have been reasons for all of them. Right now, Israel and America are the reasons. They are the instigators, forcing people to become violent. For Israel too, this war will ensure that they will never live in peace. Israelis will never truly be safe anywhere in the world. The country and the people will have to live in constant fear and on alert for terror attacks, and this will affect their economy.

To other countries aligned with these global ‘organised terrorists’, I would warn them to stay careful. Do not assume that you will not be targeted. And when that happens, do not call Muslims, the terrorists, because you are worse. This is the only way smaller countries can hurt you without the endless resources of the West.

Look at how civilians, which include Palestinian Christians and Muslims, are dying in Gaza today based on vague claims of Israel that Hamas leaders were spotted in the area. Indiscriminate bombing is creating a new generation of Muslims who hate Israel and anyone who stands along with them.

Israel is now saying that it is trying to kill even relatives of Hamas leaders, but you are just creating more Hamas volunteers.  If I have a family member, who is a Hamas cadre, I end up losing my family because of this connection. Then what is left for me? Won’t I seek revenge?

Israel and the USA calling Hamas as terrorists is like calling former France President Charles de Gaulle a terrorist. The French military officer had led the Free French Forces against Nazi Germany in World War II.

It is a known fact that Israel has not bothered to fulfil even a single condition of the Oslo Accord or any other UN resolution on Gaza. Palestine on the other hand has fulfilled all the conditions. Yet Israel claims that it is a democratic and fair nation. This is all propaganda from the Western countries to justify their government’s stance of supporting the aggressor. With social media, people now have an alternative source of news that shows the truth and this is why so many protests are being held across the world against the terrorism of the West.

Palestinians are winning their case this time, not in the courts of the biased politicians, but in the courts of people. One must remember that the events of October 7 cannot be viewed without looking into the prism of the past. When one visits a doctor for health issues, the doctor always enquires about the medical history, same is the case with Palestinians in Gaza.

An old anecdote comes to my mind, about a school bully and a quiet student who joins class and is immediately picked up by the bully and his friends. The quiet student just wants to be left alone and wants to be free, but when the torture gets unbearable, he lashes out at the bully. The bully then goes to his father and to the school principal to punish the quiet child since he couldn’t do it himself. This is the truth of what Israel is doing today. Gaza has always been surrounded under the prying eyes of Israelis. It is as good as an open prison and all they want is their freedom, but they have to deal with Israelis forcibly occupying their lands. One cannot view these issues in isolation or from a particular point in time like the West is doing, but one has to delve into the past and that’s when the truth will be revealed.

I also want to point out the deafening silence of fellow Arab countries, who are scared of missiles raining down on their lands if they take side with Palestinians. They are not equipped to deal with the ‘organised terrorists’ like the West, America and Israel, so they have chosen to keep quiet. If tomorrow, Russia, China, Iran, and Arab countries stand up and take a stance, we might see some opposition to the brainwashing propaganda.

The policies of the USA President Joe Biden also puts fellow Americans at risk. His excuse that his country is interfering to ensure the safety of Americans is totally unacceptable. If there are any attacks on US installations or hijack attempts made, then it is only because of the flawed approach of the US.

In the meantime, while the world debates and political games are being played behind closed doors, thousands of Palestinians will continue to be exterminated in Gaza, led by two of the biggest terrorist nations in the world today.