World is watching a live holocaust II, done by the victims of holocaust I

Opinion Saturday 11/November/2023 20:01 PM
By: Mohamed Alzadjali
World is watching a live holocaust II,  done by the victims of holocaust I

The ongoing conflict in the Middle East has captured the world’s attention, sparking widespread concern over the suffering of civilians caught in the crossfire.

As we all know, after World War II, most Jews were sent to Palestine as a new home for them, and the Palestinians welcomed them with open arms. Unfortunately, it was a ploy designed by the West to occupy and build a new country for them. If the Israelis had fought alone without the help of Western countries, Palestinians would have defeated the Zionists terror. The West is the root cause of all the problems that we see today in the Middle East.

People around the world are protesting and want their government to take action against Israel for its bloody massacres of Palestinians. But there is an apparent lack of global intervention, questioning the motivations of leaders who seem unresponsive to the plight of those affected.

As we all know, the Western governments are not acting and not condemning Israel even a bit, rather they are propping up Israel under the guise of its right to defend.

Shocked as the world today is, they are wondering whether those leaders are from a different planet as they have turned a blind eye towards Zionist regime barbarism. The reason why such people are not acting despite the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza is due to a simple thing - most of the governments want to be re-elected and we all know the Zionists lobby is very powerful and decides elections in their country. Therefore, they will support them and follow their diktat. The other interest is purely monetary gain.

A project to explore oil or gas in Palestine territory is a major interest for some politicians and they want to make money out of it. Don’t forget the arms merchants who also want to make money by selling all types of weapons and test them in a real live environment. While the head of UNICEF has a role to promote peace, her husband is the chairman of BlackRock.

The world’s leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions, BlackRock, is the one of the largest shareholders in publicly traded gun manufacturers.

It is really sad to see how many innocent people, women and children are dying while those politicians gamble for their interests only.

So far more than 11,000 Palestinians including women and children have been martyred and the toll is mounting every day. Thousands have fled from their homes after Israeli bombardment. Healthcare is in total mess as the Gaza Strip is running short of basic amenities.

Even the hospitals and health centres have not been spared in the airstrikes.

The Gaza Strip’s largest hospital has been left without electricity amid ongoing violence and shortages, with doctors reporting the first fatalities as a result.

The Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza has been left without water, fuel, food, electricity and telecommunications, with thousands of people inside, including wounded, patients and displaced people.

Operations at the hospital were said to have been suspended because of the lack of power, and those needing life support were at risk.

It is time for the people of the world to take all those politicians to the International Criminal Court for prosecution as war criminals, but unfortunately those Zionists control this court and all UN organisations too. It is time to rethink and stop the slogan anti-Semitism and start the slogan anti-human.

I don’t know why countries pay money as membership fees for the UN and its related organisations, they are useless and fulfil only what USA and Israel want.

Some of the children and grandchildren of the holocaust victims are Zionists committing the crime while the world is watching helplessly and the western puppet politicians are singing the anti-Semitism song that Israel has the right to defend itself.