Gaza is facing Genocide... Who will stop this bleeding?

Opinion Tuesday 14/November/2023 16:16 PM
By: Ruqaya Al Kindi
Gaza is facing Genocide... Who will stop this bleeding?

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip do not have the luxury of living in peace. The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said on 5 November 2023 that Israel has already dropped about 25,000 tonnes of explosives on Gaza in 4 weeks (between 7Oct- 2 Nov 2023). "More than half of the housing units in the entire Gaza Strip, therefore, were damaged by the ongoing attack," it indicated.

Returning home in Gaza is not a safe idea, and staying outside is also not a safe proposition. The Israeli occupation army indiscriminately bombs homes, hospitals, streets, ambulances, universities, schools, media offices, mosques and churches in an attempt of ethnic cleansing and forced displacement which has been going on for a very long time.

The Jews arrived in Palestine in 1947 and they were accepted and welcomed until they decided to expel the Palestinian people from their land and steal it for themselves.

In 1948, the Zionist regime attacked and expelled the Palestinians from their homeland and changed its name from Palestine to Israel. The year is called "Alnakba" because the Palestinians have been brutally killed, kidnapped and tortured by the Israel colonisers.

Thousands of Palestinians were forced to move to different countries with fake promises of allowing them to return to their homes. Palestinian families who were forcibly displaced (ethnic cleansing), still pass on to their children the keys of their homes in the hope that they will return one day, even though these homes have often been bombed during the past 75 years of Israeli occupation.

The occupiers, today, live in all areas of Palestine except the Gaza Strip. Palestinians are still struggling to preserve this small geographical area, but has been under the siege of the Israeli occupation forces for more than 15 years and it is described as the largest open-air prison in the world.

Israel is now repeating the same 1948 catastrophe, when they had subjected Gaza to a genocide. Israel doesn't care about Palestinians people, it just wants to get rid of them. The Israel Minister of Defence said, "We are dealing with human animals, and we are acting accordingly."

It is true that international law prohibits the use of white phosphorus, but not if it is being released into Gaza. The photographs of Tamer (@najjart_1), a young man from Gaza, captures the horrific scenes of the burned and charred bodies of martyrs. He commented in a video that he shared on Instagram: "The Israeli occupation forces use internationally banned substances that burn bodies and destroy their features."

Israel challenges and bypasses international laws in its brutal attack on Gaza, and the world allows it to go free. It has cut off food, water and electricity to Gaza people.

The lives of people in Gaza take a different form that we are not accustomed to, and this is happening because of Israeli aggression. Children write their names on their hands so that when they die, they get recognised under the rubble. Families are gathering at one spot in their houses so that when they are bombed, they all will die together and no one would feel sad about the other.

The child writes his pre-death letter in the school notebook because staying safe and alive in Gaza has become a luxury. The doctor treats his wounded patients on floors or even in the hospital alley, while there are chances that the entire hospital may collapse at any moment.

The bombing of Almamadani Hospital by Israel during this genocide, left more than 500 dead and hundreds injured including Palestinian men, women, children and medical staff.

Every day the killings of hundreds of Palestinians are not just numbers, each of them has a family, a story and a dream to live. The people of Gaza, unfortunately, hear the sound of death more than the sound of life.

The father in Gaza does not return home carrying a plastic bag full of candy; rather, he collects the remains of his children from under the rubble of his bombed house.

He collects an amputated foot from here, a severed head from there, and other parts of the body from another place.

The school bag in Gaza is no longer a place for books, but rather a place where a child carries his brother’s remains. Who will convince the child after this massacre, if one of them survives. The ice cream trucks here don't sell ice cream but parts of bodies of martyrs are stored here. Ice cream trucks have become the makeshift morgues for Palestinian victims of this genocide as there is no more space left in the hospital.

This is the form of life in Gaza and this is just a drop in the ocean of Israeli crimes in Gaza.

The Palestinians genocide is being marketed as Israel defends itself, but it is all about the ethnic cleansing just as the Iraq war was marketed as fighting terrorism. However, it was found out later that the attack was all about oil and money. Keep your eyes open to the truth and share it in order to help stop uprooting operations, mass ethnic cleansing and genocide.