Mall of Muscat hosts a spectacular winter festival with magical and musical delights

Roundup Tuesday 16/January/2024 15:54 PM
By: Times News Service
Mall of Muscat hosts a spectacular winter festival with magical and musical delights

Muscat: Mall of Muscat, leading leisure and entertainment destination recently hosted an array of captivating performances as part of its winter events. The Magical Nights event, led by the renowned entertainer Mohamed Al Mukhaini, provided a mesmerising experience that transcended age barriers, thrilling both children and adults alike. Mukhaini’s act, a blend of illusion and wonder, captivated the audience with an array of tricks that ranged from the classic to modern, each performed with a flair that left the spectators in awe.

As a pleasant equivalent to the magic, the winter campaign also featured the celebrated singer Zamzam Al-Balushi who is known for her famous song” Amatiyah”. Her concert, a showcase of vocal expertise and emotive artistry, enchanted the audience. Zamzam’s singing talent, characterised by its depth and versatility, reverberated deeply with the listeners, leaving an unforgettable impression of her musical genius.

These events, forming the cornerstone of the Mall's magical winter weekend, were lauded for their dynamic and engaging nature.

Mall of Muscat spokesperson expressed immense pride in hosting such a diverse array of Omani talent. He said, “Both artists epitomised the spirit of Omani talent and cultural diversity. The performances of the artists were a celebration of talent, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds in a shared experience of cultural richness. Zamzam’s concert, marked by a mesmerising vocal performance, captivated the senses of an eager audience, adding a lyrical charm to the winter festivities. Mukhaini’s act was full of fun and entertainment.”

Complementing the winter weekend, the Mall also offered a variety of engaging activities, catering to a broad spectrum of interests and age groups. This diversity underscored the Mall of Muscat's commitment to delivering a comprehensive array of cultural and entertainment experiences to its visitors.

The overwhelming success of these events was reflected in the enthusiastic feedback from attendees and visitors, who commended the Mall for organizing such a remarkable blend of musical and magical entertainment.

This series of events highlighted the Mall’s dedication to high-quality entertainment and reinforced its reputation as a vibrant centre of cultural diversity and artistic innovation.