Healthworld International and The Wellness Centre introduce latest fitness equipment in Oman

Oman Friday 29/July/2016 19:43 PM
By: Times News Service
Healthworld International and The Wellness Centre introduce latest fitness equipment in Oman

Muscat: Healthworld International and The Wellness Centre have introduced Technogym’s latest innovation, the SKILLMILLTM for fitness enthusiasts in Oman.
SKILLMILLTM is the first non-motorised product that combines power, speed, stamina and agility training.
It is the ideal training solution for those new to exercise, fitness enthusiasts, sports professionals and anyone, who is dedicated to their fitness or improving their sporting performance.
This innovative and highly effective training style has been designed to improve performance in various ways to expand work capacity, enhance abilities and ensure full safety, according to an official at The Wellness Centre.
“A critical aspect of the Athletic Performance Training methodology is the prevention of injury and the avoidance of health risks due to poor posture and incorrect form, which is solved by the ergonomic design of the SKILLMILLTM,” he added.
Users can access training programmes by scanning the SKILLMILLTM QR code or by downloading the Mywellness app.
They can also monitor training parameters in real time from the on-board console, which also displays vital health statistics.
In addition to this, the brand new Technogym solution for indoor cycling is now available for cycling enthusiasts at The Wellness Centre at The Walk in Al Mouj.
Group CycleTM Connect Spinning Bikes are the world’s first, and only, indoor cycling bikes that track workout power, heart rate, cadence, calories and all the other key parameters.
Users are able to improve their performance and reach their goals thanks to the new console, which is connected to the Technogym Mywellness cloud-based platform.
The console is powered by the user’s motion thanks to an innovative battery-free system. The flywheel resistance system is equipped with the strongest type of permanent magnets made with a rare earth neodymium material, to assure the smoothest and most consistent ride.
Intuitive graphics and tactile clicks every 45 degrees on the resistance knob make adjustments between the 20 resistance levels incredibly easy and accurate.