Muscat Festival 2016: Fans flock to Naseem Garden to watch concert of Omani artisits

Oman Sunday 24/January/2016 20:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Festival 2016: Fans flock to Naseem Garden to watch concert of Omani artisits

Muscat: Fans and audiences flocked to watch two Omani artists perform at the first musical concert in Naseem Garden that left them mesmerised.
Muhad Saleh and Laila bint Naseeb performed their masterpieces on the ‘World Stage’ in Naseem Garden as part of the activities at the Muscat Festival, with fans mouthing the lyrics along with the artists.
Muhad Saleh opened the concert with a bang, leaving crowds screaming for more as he sang the night away. It was his first performance after being awarded the Golden Nightingale award at the Omani Song Festival.
Saleh commended Muscat Festival panel for holding the event, saying, “It has given me the opportunity to reconnect with my fans after the Omani Song Festival.”
About his future plans, he said, “I have many plans that I’m preparing to accomplish, including continuing to work on my music with support of the supervising committee of the Omani Song Festival as well as participating in an Arab Song programme. It will facilitate the connection between the artist and his fans, which is important.”
New songs
Second on stage was Laila bint Naseeb, a regular participant at the Muscat Festival who opened her segment by singing six new songs, including ‘Bas Ma Ahibak’ (I Just Don’t Love You), ‘Usboo’a Ma Tasel Bi’ (A Week And You Haven’t Called) and ‘Habibi Allathi Ramani’ (My Love That Left Me) which left the crowd ecstatic and swaying to her voice.
Updating fans about her latest, she said, “I have just completed recording three songs and have other things going on that are in the pipeline. I will announce those as soon as these are accomplished.”
Omani folklore
Meanwhile, as part of the entertainment show at the Naseem Garden, visitors were treated to traditional Omani folklore, something the Muscat Festival unfailingly brings to the festivities.
A’Shawat’e (Shores) Band group danced and pranced around the Naseem Garden premises while performing Liwa, a traditional Omani dance, which left the locals, residents and tourists, all amazed.
Traditional dances like the Sabata and Jumbi, among others, showcased Oman’s culture, with such folklore arts educating the visitors about the rich culture of the Sultanate.
“Not many know about Omani folklore, let alone the arts and dancing. Therefore, it was a great experience to see something like this here,” said a German tourist, adding, “I look forward to seeing more.”
The band, that comes from Suwaiq, have been a regular participant at the Muscat Festival.
They use the opportunity to perform during the festival in order to attract a large number of crowds, thus introducing them to traditional Omani culture. Among such beneficiaries are not just expatriates but even Omanis.
“It is a great way for tourists to learn about our traditional arts and for them to appreciate it as well,” said a local who wanted to remain anonymous.
The band leader, Yousuf Al Saadi, said, “Our uniqueness as a band is incomparable to others because we bring the true traditional art form.”
“We use drums like the Rahmani, Al Kasir, the Bato and the Masindo. This band has participated in many local and international events,” he added. The band also performs on the National Day, at weddings and birthday parties, among other occasions.