Car share is not illegal, just don’t charge: Police

T TV Tuesday 08/January/2019 22:27 PM
By: Times News Service

People in Oman can use their cars to pick up and drop off their friends, as long as they don’t charge them for it, the Royal Oman Police confirmed.
The news comes after some people were stopped while dropping off friends and family members to the Muscat International Airport.
“There is no problem in ferrying your friends in your vehicle but if money is involved, you will definitely end up with a hefty fine. ROP is carrying out patrols to catch violators, who are using their private vehicles to transport passengers in return for money. It’s illegal.” – Royal Oman Police
According to Oman’s Traffic Law, running an unregulated carpooling service for profit carries a fine of OMR35 and may lead to the confiscation of the violator’s car.