Oman’s logistics sector digitisation initiatives highlighted by WEF

Energy Saturday 15/August/2020 17:34 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman’s logistics sector digitisation initiatives highlighted by WEF

Davos: The World Economic Forum (WEF) showcased the Sultanate of Oman’s progressive initiative in adopting new technologies in logistics operations through several successful experimentations.
The article, published on the WEF website, noted that Oman Logistics Centre (OLC) at Asyad Group has recently launched Tech Try initiative as part of its efforts that aim at piloting and showcasing emerging technologies that can facilitate and improve trade, subsequently, digitising the logistics sector to keep pace with technological developments in the world.
This initiative is part of the National Logistics Strategy 2040, which constitutes a key element of change in logistics practices.
This feature on the World Economic Forum’s website frontpage is a recognition of Asyad Group’s efforts in embracing technology and innovation to elevate the efficiency of the Sultanate’s logistics operations on multiple facets and acquaint WEF member countries with its experimentations.
The published report highlighted Tech Try, the experimentational initiative launched by Asyad, noting that it included several pilots using drones in four logistics operations; underwater drones, port infrastructure drones, drone delivery and warehouse stock-counting drones. Underwater drones were used to inspect marine infrastructure in the port, detecting cracks and corrosion in the understructure.
Additionally, the report highlighted importance of digital transformation in logistics and its operational and economic impact of the facilitation and growth of global trade. It also addressed the challenges facing some countries in applying technologies to serve trade, such as legal and legislative aspects, and reviewed ways to mitigate these challenges for the public interest.
“Tradetech” is an initiative launched by the World Economic Forum to encourage member countries to use technology to facilitate global trade.
It is worth noting that trade costs declined by 15 percent between 1996 and 2014, thanks to the adoption of new technologies, as noted in the report published on the WEF website.